Ways To Eliminate Destructive Negativity

How To Eliminate Destructive Negativity

Today Let’s take a quick look at your ruling state of mind and how this can affect your whole day ahead.

“If your ruling mental state is upward bound – that is – aspiring, harmonious, and positive, all your forces raymondwill be directed into constructive channels. But if your ruling state of mind is downward in tendency – that is – discordant and negative, then almost all your forces will be misdirected.”  Raymond Holliwell

Don’t We all know what it’s like to wake up in the morning and stub your toes getting out of bed. Then the rest of the day seems to go downhill from there on! the kettle of milk boils over, kids won’t get out of bed, you’re late for school and the car don’t seem to want to start!

It just seems as if the whole world is collapsing on is you!

You want to know why?  That’s because you have started the day in a downward state of mind,  and it’s almost as if you‘re expecting it to get even worst.

Well guess what?

Whatever we expect to happen, may happen!

Don’t we all have days like this?, Yes my friend, I’m talking from experience and I know how difficult it is to turn the whole thing around when it seems like your day’s just going to be one long series of disappointments one after another.

Unfortunately if you don’t want your day to become as disastrous as this, you may have to switch your ruling state of mind instantly!

The good thing here is that you are in complete control of how you feel and react to the things that happen to you today and everyday, and how you feel and react to what happens to you today, controls how your whole day will go like.happy6

Next time your day starts off as bad as this,  stop what you’re doing, try to take a deep breath, start thinking of all the good things that happened in your life of which you appreciated so much.

If you can change your ruling state of mind into a vibration of gratitude I’m sure amazing things will start to happen in your life and your day will be turned around the minute you turn that positive switch on.

Today, even if you did stub your toes as you got out of bed, try focusing your ruling state of mind in an  harmonious,  aspiring  and positive way and just watch what happens next.

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