Ways to Inject Your Comments With Intent

Ways to Inject Your Comments With Intent

Once you start getting more traffic to your website, you are going to naturally get more people web traffic3communicating within your “comments” area on your site.

not only Comments are powerful tools for creating dialogue and adding value to your content (which leads to better ranking), they also have a hidden “money making” opportunity lies within.

This training video will walk you through the process of leveraging comments on your site to create further opportunity to get people to take a specific action, whether this is buying something or heading towards another page on your website.

Some of the topics being covered are:

  • How to Leverage your replies to create more opportunity
  • How and when to add an affiliate link
  • How to Internal linking to other pages within your site
  • Why you should be editing other peoples’ comments
  • Keeping the conversation going through the “way” your respond

Now click to watch video

If you have any questions, leave it below in the comment box and I will be more than happy to help you


Sam Ammouri


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Ways to Inject Your Comments With Intent

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