Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Extended To December First 2014

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Extended To December First

Savings over $300 a year!savings

Don’t We all have dreams and goals ?. Even if you have never verbalized them, they are there ?.

Some go on a quest to achieve their goals, to realize their potential and live out their dream. Others simply never take action and just ignore them.

Let me assume If you are reading this, you are on that quest right now. You are pursuing that dream. And that is Awesome! You can never live out your dreams and fulfill your goals unless you try.

But many of those who start this quest get discouraged because their experience is not living up to their dreams. They haven’t arrived. Sometimes the road has been long, wrought with failures and mishaps. To compensate we allow the EXCUSES to invade our minds and debilitate our actions.


Excuses have no room in the mind of entrepreneurs. They are rationalizations about why you aren’t “successful” yet.

What I like about Wealthy Affiliate is how it demolishes every single excuse that might come against you and your efforts.

1. They say,  “I don’t have much money to invest”.

I say,  Wealthy Affiliate is FREE for a starter membership, and only $49/month for premium (even less per month if you subscription is longer than a month) and way less than that with the constant promotions.

2. The say,  “I don’t know what I am doing”!

I say,  Wealthy Affiliate takes you by the hand and shows you STEP BY STEP how to make this thing work, even if you have no experience with some of the best training of the kind

3. They say,  I don’t have any support, everyone around me thinks I am crazy for building home income

I say,  Wealthy Affiliate has thousands of members to encourage & motivate you, and help keep you on track to ultimate success.

4. The say,  I don’t know how to build a website, I have no technical skills.

I say,  Wealthy Affiliate has a push button system with building website that is so easy, anyone can build a stunning website in just minutes, with all the help you need with content, plugins, marketing etc.

I only want to encourage you, you have everything you need to succeed in this place. I love to give you hope if you have been worn out or tired with internet business and if you are desperate to make this thing finally happen. Don’t We all face excuses every day ?, it’s just part of being human.

BUT NEVER lean on or submit to excuses. Simply Because you can do this! I did it with my English as a second language,  can’t you???

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