Wealthy Affiliate Premium & Free Memberships In Full Details

Wealthy Affiliate Premium & Free Memberships

Everybody who signs up at the Wealthy Affiliate University, starts with a free account. What that means you can read on my review here on “What is the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership”. 

Now let’s detail the premium benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Live Support.

That means in practice really 24/7 live support, and it does not matter if you live in Russia, Azerbaijan, Australia, the USA or Malta. The support team is 24/7 active. Besides the Support team, there is a worldwide community, and there are always members online and very willing to help everybody where they can.

Once I was complete stuck, I could not verify my Google Analytics account, and one of the members helped me during the night, it was such a terrific experience! I didn’t know him from Adam, I met him in the chat while asking for HELP! He helped me for hours. And that is typical for the WA Community. We never give up on you!

Your own personal Affiliate Blog.


my blogs at wealthy affiliate

You can post daily Google indexed blog. After a membership of 3 months you are allowed to write 3 blogs a day. Most blogs are about affiliate marketing, website development personal experiences, marketing tricks, SEO, and many more.

Private Messaging.


my profile at wealthy affiliate

All premium members has a private messaging button on top of the profile. You can reach any member in private mode.

Unlimited Websites

affiliatebootcamp.com hosted at wealthy Affiliate

Yes you read it wright. Where most companies stop there limit at 5 websites maximum. Wealthy Affiliate supports and host 25 siterubix domainnames (allways free) ánd 25 owned domainnames. Pretty unlimited. I have 15 websites of my own.

Click here to have a look and have some idea about what yours can be.

Website Security package.

Click here for more details about the WA hosting program.
On the picture below you can see in the third line 5 green signs behind: Monitoring.

website health monitering at wealthy Affiliate

monitering websites at wa

They stand for:

  • Database Monitoring
  • Malware & Virus Monitoring
  • File system Monitoring
  • Hacking & Intrusion Monitoring
  • Site Performance Monitoring

Website Back-up

Every 2 days your entire website/s gets a backup on Wealthy Affiliate Surfer. As you can see below, my website was having a backup yesterday. On this monitoring database you can also see the WP version, the amount of pages & posts, comments and if your website has a Google index. Quite handy and safe to see that nothing can go wrong.
affiliatebootcamp.com hosted at wealthy Affiliate

All trainings, boot camp lessons, video walkthroughs, live video classes are available! There are absolutely no hidden extra payments or any attempts of upsells!

* WA Keyword Research Tool/ unlimited searches.
The WA Keyword research tool is pretty good, however the Ferrari under the Keyword tools is “Jaaxy”, the WA tool is, to speak in car language, a pretty good Mercedes.

free keywords search tool at wealthy affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate program.
2x Higher Payments.




What is Wealthy Affiliate for Premium Members Compared to a Free Membership?

Click here to see the full details of the Free Membership / the Starter Account and how to enroll.

If you need further help in regards to this, please leave me all your questions below for my swift answers.

Sam Ammouri

Always your pal

Sam Ammouri


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