What Is 404 Errors?- Get Full Details And How To Fix It

What Is 404 Errors?- Get The Full Details And How To Fix It

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A 404 error means that you’ve asked your PC for a page that simply is not available on the site you’re currently on.
It could be that a broken link or maybe that page is entirely removed from the site. When the browser can’t find anything to give you back, it’s only choice is to say “Sorry dude, I give up.” in the form of a 404 error lingo.

This code 404 response is an HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol standard status code. The “Not Found” lets you know that your internet connection is found, because you’re communicating with the server, the problem is that either it just couldn’t find what you were looking for, or it’s not configured to find your query.

Imagine if you are online and want to play some games it is not something you want to experience. If a “Server Not Found” error pops up instead of a 404, there’s an issue with your internet connection as opposed to the page being unavailable.frust

Let me go into a little more detail about what the 404 part of a 404 error actually means.

The first 4 in 404 means a client error.

The server is telling you that you made a little mess here, like misspelling something, or asking for a page that no longer exists.

The middle digit, the 0, means a general syntax mess up or possible spelling error.
The last 4 refers to an error in the group pg 40x.

The World Wide Web Consortium has clearly stated that this 404 error code should only be used in cases where the server has failed to find the location that you wanted and isn’t quite sure which end is up really.

For instance, when a page has been permanently removed from the internet because it just wasn’t good enough- or a host of other, far more feasible reasons- the error code should be 410. But naturally, the people of internet world hardly ever adhere to their own rules and 404 has become an excuse for a whole army of errors.

Fortunately, some online companies have designed and built their websites to ensure that the dreaded 404 error is one that will never interrupt your favorite playing or gaming.

How to fix a 404 not found error

Nothing can be more annoying than getting a 404 not found error. Although many sites go the extra mile by making their pages amusing, this can never divert from the fact that you cannot find what you are looking for. However, not all is lost! There are few things that you can do to try and get it to work again.

The training Video below deals with crawl errors also known as 404 errors. If you cannot access the video on this site, just click on its youtube button on the lower right corner.

Often when checking your Google Webmaster Tools you will find that it has indexed pages or posts that no longer exist or have had their name changed. These show up as crawl errors of the type 404. I have seen quite a few questions on how to remove them.

This is done by editing the robots.txt file. All in One SEO has added a feature that makes it easy to edit your robots.txt file and clean up your site in Google’s eyes. I hope this is helpful enough to some of you.


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