What Is A CPU ?- Central Processing Unit- Get The Full Explanation!

What Is A CPU ?- Central Processing Unit- Get The Full Explanation!


CPU Stands for “Central Processing Unit.” The CPU is the primary component of a computer that processes information. It runs the operating system and it’s applications, constantly receiving input from the user or active software programs.

It also processes the data and produces output, which may stored by an application or displayed on the screens.

A CPU contains at least one processor, which is the actual chip inside the CPU that performs the calculations. Not too long ago, most CPUs only had one processor, but now it is common for a single CPU to have at least two processors or “processing cores.

CPUs with two processing cores are called a dual-core CPUs and models with four cores are called quad-core CPUs.

The High-end CPUs may have six (hexa-core) or even eight (octo-core) processors. A computer may also have more than one CPU, which each have multiple cores. A server with two hexa-core CPUs has a total of 12 processors.

While processor architectures differ between models, each processor within a CPU typically has its own ALU, FPU, register, and L1 cache. In many cases, individual processing cores may have their own L2 cache, though they can also share the same L2 cache. A single frontside bus routes data between the CPU and the system memory.

The terms (CPU) and “processor” are often used interchangeably. Some label individual processors as CPUs. While this is not incorrect, it is more accurate though and may be less confusing to describe each processing unit as a CPU, while each processor within a CPU is a processing core, it does make sense!.

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