What Is A Motherboard?- Get The Full Information & Definition

What Is A Motherboard?- Get The Full Information & Definition

Definition of Motherboards:motherboard computer

Motherboards are the main circuit board inside computers that connects the different parts of  computers together.

A motherboard has sockets for CPUs, RAMs and expansion cards (e.g.network cards, graphics cards, sound cards, storage cards etc.

A motherboard also hooks up to hard drives, disc drives and front panel ports with cables and wires.  It is also known as a mainboard, system board, mobo or MB.

Plus bridging internal components, the motherboard ports also allows users to connect external devices to the computer such as monitors, speakers, headphones, microphones, keyboards, mouse, modems and other USB devices.

Motherboard also houses the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), making it the control center of your computer as well.

Motherboard’s BIOS performs hardware checks each time your computer powers on and allows you to access system settings such as:

1- overclock or underclock the CPU and RAM

2- view hardware information and status

3- change your computer’s boot-up device (e.g. disk drive,  hard drive, flash drive and so on.

4- manage power settings and savings

Motherboards acts quietly  as our body’s nervous system. It connects all the individual parts of a computer together… and in doing so, allows the CPU (brain) to access and control these separate parts.

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