What Is A pingback- Should I Approve It ?

What Is A pingback- Should I Approve It ?

I was asked a question by someone who uses WordPress for their Site “What is a pingback? And should pingbackI approve it?” So I’m going to describe what a pingback is using as little technical terms as possible.

Starting with Comments

Once you publish a blog article, you’ve probably noticed that some visitors may leave comments on your articles. A sound discussion about your articles can be great for your site. But It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get any. You may only get comments on certain types of blog posts anyway.

And now, most comments are spammy, so you’ll want to mark those comment as spam. However, a few of them will be genuine, interesting and helpful with SEO and ranking.

The Pingbacks

This term (also known as trackbacks) are a form of automated comment for a page or post, created when another WordPress blog links to that page or post. “In other word”,  When you publish a new blog post, WordPress attempts to ‘ping‘ all the sites that were linked to in your post. i.e.

Your WordPress site is informing other sites that you’ve linked to them.

So…. When you receive pingbacks, then it means someone else has linked to one of your posts or pages.

Any benefits to pingbacks?

The only benefit is that You’ll know when someone else has linked to you. BORING! ISN’T IT?

Then shall I approve pingbacks?

My answer is (BIG NO), as there’s no benefit to you whatsoever. If you do approve them, a link is created back to the linking website, but it’s a worthless link from the perspective of the search engines and SEO.

Plus the fact that, pingback comments offer nothing of any value for your readers. Approved pingback comments look terrible. Another reason to smoke them.

Spam Pingback

At a golden time, when pingback links did offer value in terms of the search engines, there was a surge in software designed to create fake pingbacks just to get links,  there was no real website linking to you. This still goes on a little bit these days, but has mostly disappear.

Final words

Pingbacks offer no value if they are approved, just delete them. They are useful for knowing if someone links to you, but that’s it.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



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