What Is A Home page?- The Full Explanation

What Is A Home page?- Get The Full Explanation

A home page is the introductory page of a website, the ‘point of entry’ or your personal landing page to all the information stored within. It’s similar to the front page of a magazine or newspaper.homepage1

A home page contains links to a selection of the available content. The ‘home page’ term is also used to refer to the page you encounter first when you log into a website.

Often a home page is the main page of your search engine, but you can ‘customize’ this home page to link directly to your preferred webpage.

Many webmasters offers you a customizable home page where you can add a huge selection of topics that interest you the most, you can even have a blank homepage if you wish.

Why home pages are free?

While home pages seem to be free but this is really far from the truth. offering you a free homepage equals turning you into a permanent customer to a regular store. The home pages are full of the hosting company’s banner adds and endless offers that you’ll eventually cave in and click some of those banners and buy some of their offers or the offers of their affiliates and partners, or even you may become a paying member of their direct service such as AOL or Earth Link.

So We can easily define a home page as a brilliant indirect or a soft sales page That works well for both the member and hosting company.

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