The Importance Of Quality website Content


The Perfect website Content & How To Write One

A recent Econsultancy, search queries for the term content have doubled in the past 2 yrs

Are you a home business owner? who are you writing to? The consumer for sure, they are your bread and butter, so when you write to them, would you do so in an engaging way.web content

Web Content marketing is a customer-centric strategy. Your site posts, reports and other content are not a product brochures, but a way for you to connect, and attract your ideal crowed.

Present your content so that it’s very informative while at the same time interesting, knowing the who, when, what, where and why answers whenever applicable and make sure they are accurate enough. Tell them why the product you are promoting of a top quality.

Always Remember you are writing to real people with real questions about the product you are selling, and that poor spelling and poor grammar leaves a negative impression on a brand. Give them reviews, comparisons and ratings. Know specific audience and who that audience is. There is different content for different audiences.

In search Of The Target Audience

What could be most important issue for your crowed? Try Knowing this and you create a flow to your content from influence to decision making. This is the crowed you write to from the opening sentence and throughout your content.

Try to find the overall persona of your audience, weather they are family oriented, goal oriented , how do they go about making a purchase decision or what do they base that on? Learn their objectives for your product final sale.

Try Knowing the keywords used when your product is talked about amongst groups, in social settings, at work, in car rides or any place.. know the wants and needs of your customers.

Do this and you can talk in your audience’s own language telling them what is in that product for them.

Note: By studying your websites analytics like Googles you can find a lot of this information.

 Quality content is More than just words

A good web content must build a trust between you and your audience, establishing long-term relationships with current and future visitors by regularly giving high-quality, relevant and valuable  general information.web c2

In the eyes of Google, A RANKING content is content that answers your readers’ questions. So by all means, answer their questions. As informative as this may be, a page full of paragraphs does not necessarily equal good content.

This may lead to scanning or skimming the page or the visitor quickly loosing interest. Limit the paragraphs per page. And try to add images throughout the page that are relevant to the topic, also you can add other formats of media such as videos slideshows etc.. Such will help keep the visitor engaged, the more time they spend in your site, the better your chanced to strike a sale.

Quality Content, Google and other Search Engines

How about other search engines? Must they be included in the picture when writing quality content. For sure. all search engines are almost the same just different in company sizes.

But Google stands out when it comes to answering people’s questions, and they want to do it as intuitively as it could be, integrating with the way people nowadays use the technology.

The keywords used to help with that. But now, they are a hindrance. webmasters are misusing them to the point that they don’t really tell search engines what a page is all about, and people don’t always use the right keywords to ask a question.

And that’s what all the Google algorithm updates are all about. Every iteration gets Google that much closer to being able to input what you’re looking for, depending on the context of previous questions, your location, and other criteria as well.

The Endless Evolution of search

General Search is changing because technology is changing.  May be One day we won’t be typing inputs into a search bar, we’ll just talk to our new cool devices. Google is getting ready for that day and we probably should try to keep up with that as well.

The Search engines aren’t trying to make life harder for webmasters. They see search as a product, and as they improve their product, the game changes as well.webc3

In order to keep up with Google, all search engines have to provide the best possible search results. And will continue to refine their ability to find the best, most useful content out there. This explains why quality content is your best tactic for showing up in search results.

How does Google label most affiliate sites.

Google says that pure or thin affiliate websites may not provide additional value for website users, especially if they are part of a program that distributes its content to thousands of other affiliates.

These sites generally are cookie riddled sites or templates with no original content. Because a search results page could return several of these types of sites, all with the same content, these thin affiliates sites are worthless to Google and create what’s called ( a frustrating user experience).

Google like to deliver quality searches for their customer base, and with such low quality content affiliate sites and the confusion they inflect in search results, Google will keep on bringing new algorithm and many of these site will disappear off the radar screens forever.


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