A Website Definition- Benefits- Advantages & Building It Free

A Website Definition- Benefits- Advantages & Building It For Free

A website is a small or large number of web pages (documents that are accessed through a website that website4is connected to the internet or another network). What you are reading now is a document or web page.
Web pages are what you see on the screen when you type in a web address, click on a link, or place a query in search engines.
Web pages may contain any type of information, and can include text, color, graphics, animation sounds and may more applications.
When you happen to get a web address, it takes you to their website’s home page when you type that address in your browsers URL box, And that introduces you to what that website offers in terms of information or other services.
From the home page of the site, you can click on links to reach other sections. A website may contain one page, a hundred, or thousands of pages, depending on what the webmaster is trying to do.

Why Do People Visit Websites?

People do visit websites for too many reasons and here is 3 of the most important

1. Looking for information.

The information people look for online could be anything from a student looking for a topic about trees for a school project, some would be looking for latest stocks news, to getting the address of the nearest pitza joint next to you.

2. To complete A Project

May be a visitor want to buy the latest best-seller, download music or a software program, or participate in an online discussion about a favorite topic.website3
The main thing to remember when opening  a website is that you’re not creating the website for yourself,  figuring you already know about the information or service you are offering, but you’re creating the site for your visitors, so it should contain the content they want.

3. To Purchase:

Nowadays, there is almost nothing that you can’t buy online.  You can purchase from the box of matches to the tallest skyscraper online. I’m sure you have the clear picture here, so I don’t have to elaborate on this any further.

A website is a means of communication, and it is only successful when it’s messages is rightly received by the other side.
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