What Is BIOS-Basic Input Output System?- Get The Full Details

What Is BIOS-Basic Input Output System?- Get The Full Details

BIOS, ROM BIOS, or System BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)- is a chip located on all computer’s motherboards who contain instructions and setup for how computer systems should boot and how it operates.

At right, is an example picture of what a BIOS chip may look like on your computer motherboard. In my opinion on of the top BIOS manufacturer is Phoenix corporation.bios

BIOS systems includes instructions on how to load basic computer hardware and includes a test referred to as a (POST) abbreviation for (Power On Self Test) that helps verify the computer meets requirements to boot up properly.

If a computer does not pass the POST, you will receive some beeps indicating what is malfunctioning in the computer.

There are four main functions for BIOS

  1. Bootstrap Loader – It Locates the operating system. If a capable operating system is located, the BIOS will pass control to it.
  2. POST –  To test the computer hardware and make sure no errors exist before loading the operating system. Additional information on the POST can be found on our POST and Beep Codes page
  3. BIOS drivers –  These are low level drivers that give the computer basic operational control over your computer’s hardware.
  4. BIOS or CMOS Setup – A configuration program that allows you to configure hardware settings including system such as computer passwords, date and time.

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