What Is Cache- Is It Any Good- Should Cache Be Cleared?

What Is Cache? Is It Any Good? Should Cahches Be Cleared?

Temporary Internet Files or Internet browser cachecache

Cache (Your web browsing Temporary partially stored information) helps improve how fast data loads while browsing the internet.

When you visit any web page, that page and all the files are sent to your browsers temporary cache on your computer hard drive.

Example,  if a page or a file on that page needs to load again and it has not been modified – your browser will open that page or file from your cache instead of loading it again from it’s original location. Such makes things more efficient .

And the greater number of requests that can be retrieved by the cache the better your overall system performance will be. So cache saves you a lot of time and better system performance.

Do You Need To Clear Your Cache So Often?

Did you make changes on your site or have tried to access something and you can’t see the changes or gain any access? More likely it’s because your request is to be retrieved from your cache. By clearing your cache your request now has to come from the original storage location. And because the original location has been modified you will now see those types of changes.

I personally don’t like to clear my computer cache unless something urgent forces me to.

Is there any Other Cache?

Server Caches:

A Server’s cache is a device that is set up to store web pages that are accessed by users on a network. That means any user that is trying to access a web page on a cache server is sent to the stored version instead of downloading the page more than once. Doing so saves the company money on bandwidth and also reduces line congestions.

Disk Caches:

The Disk cache is used to access a commonly used data. This type of data is stored in your computer memory buffer. And when you use a program your computer will first check your disk cache to see if the data is there first. Such leads to a serious improvement of the performance of what you are doing.

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