What Is CMOS-Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor- Get The Full Details

CMOS-Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor-The Full Details

The Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) is a computer chip on the motherboard, but to be more specific, it is a RAM chip. This is a memory chip that stores information about the computer components, as well as settings for such components. cmos

Normal RAM chips may lose information stored in them whenever power no longer reaches them. In order to retain the information in the CMOS chip, a CMOS battery installed on the motherboard supplies constant power to that CMOS chip to maintain things in order.

When the battery is removed from the motherboard or runs out, the CMOS in the other hand loses the information that is stored within.

Whatever settings you made in the CMOS setup would be lost, and you would need to make those settings changes again after a new CMOS battery is replaced.

Example- With a dead CMOS battery the time and date will reset back to the manufactured date if it has been off for a long period of time.

CMOS setup enables you to change the time, date and settings for how devices are loaded at start up, like hard drives, floppy drives and disc drives.

Also CMOS setup lets you enable and disable various hardware devices, such as USB ports, the onboard video card and sound card, parallel and serial ports, and other.

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