What Is Debugging In Computers?- The Full Details


What Is Debugging In Computers?- The Full Details


Debugging is a process to locating and fix bypassing bugs or (errors) in computer program code or in a hardware device. In order to debug a program or a hardware device you have to start with a problem, then to isolate the source of the problem, and lastly to fix it.

Those with enough capabilities to fix a problem may learn enough about the problem to be able to avoid it until it is fixed permanently . When you hear the word debugged or “worked the bugs out” of a a hardware or a program, that means the errors that someone has faced is now fixed.

The debugging process is a necessary one in almost any new software or hardware development process, that could be  a commercial product or an enterprise or personal application software.

Debugging For complex products

Debugging process for complex products is done as the result of the unit test for the smallest unit of a system and then…

  • At component test when parts are brought together
  • And at system test when the product is used with other existing products,
  • And during customer beta test, when users try the product out in a real world situation.

Since most computer programs and many programmed hardware devices contain thousands of programing codes, New product are more likely to contain some bugs. (errors).

Bugs in the functions that get most use are usually found and fixed first. An early version of a program that has too many bugs is referred to as “buggy.” (full of errors).

The Debugging tools… ( are called debuggers) help to identify coding errors at various development stages. Some programming language packages include facilities for checking codes for errors as it is being implemented.


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