What Is DNS?- Get the full details

What Is DNS?- Get the full details


Introduced by Paul Mockapetris (Picture on right) and Jhon Postel in 1984.  DNS is Short for (Domain Name System) or( Domain Name Service. A DNS is an Internet or other network server that helps to point domain names or the hostname to their associated IP address. paul

When a domain name is not found within the local database, the server may query other domain servers to obtain the address of a domain.

For instance, when a user is accessing the (free website and business.com) a user would enter the easy to remember domain: freewebsiteandbusiness.com. When entered that domain name is looked up on a Domain Name System to translate that name into an IP address that can be better understood by computers, e.g.

Applying that IP address the computers can then find the computer containing the free website and business web page and forward that information to your computer.

Also a DNS Record, called a Resource Record, is the basic element in the DNS. Each record contains several pieces of information such as a record type, expiration time limit, a class, and type-specific data.

There is a large number of record types, each describing the format of the data and an idea of the intended use of the record.

Upon being sent over an IP network, all DNS records conform to a format specified in RFC 1035 -contains a detailed description of the domain system and protocol.

And without a server to resolve a domain name or the proper rights you’d have to know the IP address of each of the web pages or computers you wanted to get into.

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