Google analytics & How Important Is It To Your Website?

What Is Google analytics & How Important Is It To Your Website?

Google web Analytics is a free analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing ventures. You must open a Google account to have such service. analytics1

Google purchased Urchin Software Corporation back in 2005 and used the company’s Urchin on Demand product as the basis for its current service.

Some of Google’s analytic features are:

1. frequently updated Segmentation for analysis of subsets – such as conversions.

2. Advanced Data visualization tools including a dashboard, scorecards and motion charts, which display changes in data over time.

 3. Custom reports.

4.  Email-based sharing and communications.

5.  complete Integration with other Google platforms, such as AdWords, Website Optimizer  and Public Data Explorer.

Google Analytics proved to be very useful for small and medium-sized retail websites. The analytic platform lets you measure user interactions with your business across various devices and environments.

Platform Components

The illustration by Google below shows the deferent platform components and the way it works

google analytics

If you don’t already have a Google analytics account for your website, I do recommend you do that immediately, it is part of the business and the success.

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