What Is pixels?- Get Full Details

What Is pixels?

Pixels – A word extracted from “picture element”) is the basic unit of programmable color on a computer display or in an image. pixels

The physical size of a pixel depends on how you’ve set the resolution for the display screen. If set to its maximum resolution, the physical size of a pixel will equal the physical size of the dot pitch (let’s just call it the dot size) of the display.

And if you’ve set the resolution to something less than the maximum resolution, a pixel will be larger than the physical size of the screen’s dot – that is, a pixel will use more than one dot.

That precise color that a pixel describes is some blend of three components of the color spectrum – RGB. About three bytes of data are allocated for specifying a pixel’s color, one byte for each major color component.

A 24-bit color system uses all three bytes. However, many color display systems use only one byte -limiting the display to 256 different colors.

Bitmap is a file that indicates a color for each pixel along the horizontal axis or row – called the x coordinate, and a color for each pixel along the vertical axis – This is called the y coordinate. And a Graphics Interchange Format file, for instance, contains a bitmap of an image along with other info.

The Screen’s images sharpness is sometimes related to as dpi or (dots per inch). The Dots per inch is determined by both the physical screen size and the resolution setting of a screen.

An image will have lower resolution  and fewer dots per inch on a larger screen as the same data is spread out over a larger physical area.

And on the same size screen, the image will have lower resolution if the resolution setting is made lower – resetting from 800 by 600 pixels per horizontal and vertical line to 640 by 480 means fewer dots per inch on the screen and an image that is less sharp.


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