What Is Shortwave Radio?- Get The Full Details

What Is Shortwave Radio?- Get The Full Explanation

A shortwave radio is a receiver that can receive radio transmission on frequencies ranges between 3 and 30 MHz.  The main characteristic of these frequencies is the ability to “propagate” for very long distances, making a world-wide communications as fast as the speed of light.radio4

Do We All Need One?

We own and use shortwave radios for personal enjoyment and keeping up with local emergency channels, and a shortwave radio is a method of enabling world-wide transmission of information and opinion, and a way to find out information and opinions from around the world.

numerous countries broadcast to the world in English, making it easy to find out what a given country’s position is on those things that it finds important.

You are able to directly hear and learn about what’s happening in a country thousands of miles away coming directly from that same country.

You can hear news and other programs from a wide range of sources, and get emergency information by listening to amateur radio broadcasts such  (SSB) transmissions.

Don’t forget the Longwave (LW) band for Ship-to-Shore calls. FM and Medium Wave (MW) are usually called AM Radio.

What are the best shortwave radio models out there?

There are 3 good ones I recommend.







You can find them in major electronic stores or radio shack.


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