What is Wan?- Wide Area Network- The Full Details

What is Wan?- Wide Area Network- The Full Detailswan

WAN is the shortcut for Wide Area Network- a collection of computers and network resources connected via a network over geographic area.

Wide-Area Networks -WAN- are mostly connected either through internet, radio signals, or special arrangements made with phone companies or other service providers.

 In a WAN, one network may be anywhere from several hundred miles away, to across the world in a different country.

In home routers the port the router connects to the Internet connection is often labeled as a WAN, Network or Internet port, since it is what allows your home network to communicate with the Internet network. In the picture below, is an example of the Internet port

To the right is an image for an internet port.port1

The world’s most popular WAN is the Internet. Some segments of the Internet, like VPN-based extranets, are also WANs by themselves. Many WANs are corporate or research networks that utilize leased lines.

WANs networks generally utilize different and much more expensive networking equipment than do LANs networks. Key technologies often found in WANs include

  • Frame Relay
  •  And ATM.

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