What makes your website different from your competitors

What makes your website different from your competitors? And Why Should Your Site Traffic Buy From You?

Webinar Description:

  •  What makes your site or business different from your competitors?
  • Why should your traffic buy from you?

Don’t know? It sounds like you need a Unique Selling Proposition to make YOUR business stand out learnfrom the crowd. Don’t you think so?
To Having a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) can make a HUGE difference in conversions as people are more inclined to buy from those who seem to understand customers value and what YOU think is awesome.
Well Join Jay (magistudios)  on this Webinar and he will show you exactly how to find and use a USP for YOUR niche.
In case you’re getting traffic but no conversions, then you should attend this live training as it could be the one element that your business might need.

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

  1. Why it is Important to Have a USP & Examples
  2. How to Find a USP for Your Niche
  3. Researching Competitors’ USP
  4. Changing Your Mindset from Affiliate to Business Owner
  5. Turning Your USP Research to Actions
  6. A USP Worksheet (PDF)
  7. Live Q & A Session


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