How To Deal With Unhappy Clients – Win Them Back

How To Deal With Unhappy Clients – Win Them Back

Chances you may have more unhappy or disappointed clients than you think!

” But no, I won’t have many unhappy clients” (You say) …Are you sure of that?unhappy

Reality is you probably won’t know how many you have because most disappointed clients do not complain. In general, the average business does not hear from 95% of unhappy clients. As For every complaint received the average business has 25 clients another clients problems, at least 5 of which are serious.

How can this be true?

Let see… How about thinking of your own record as a client and as a complainer…

  • How often have you been less satisfied with a product
  • A service
  • A food in a restaurant
  • A wait in a line?
  • And think how often have you complained to the management
  • the manufacturer or the retailer?

Your clients are just like you. They don’t complain. Three reasons are most often given:

  1.  It’s not worth my time or trouble.”
  2.  Complaining will do no good—no one cares
  3. I don’t know where or how to complain

“Well, if they don’t complain, they can’t be all that dissatisfied” (You say) …Contrary to your belief!

Those Non-complainers are unhappy with your product or service, angry at themselves, and frustrated. They are actually the least likely group to buy from your company again.

A complainer who gets no response to his complaint is more likely to buy your products or come back for the services again than the non-complainer.unhappy1

Odds are that between 60% and 89% of your non-complainer will not buy from you or use your serve again and you will never know why. Your clients who have problems and complain to you are giving you the chance to keep their business.

Recent Statistics showed that you can win back between 55% and 75% of these unhappy clients by resolving they complaints . Actually, up to 97% of this group will become your loyal clients again if their complaints are handled well and swift.

” Its all fine, I can afford to lose some customers. I’ll replace them with new ones” (You say) …But this is the Expensive way to do business.

How much do you need to spend to gain a new client/customer? … Marketing data indicate that it usually costs five times as much to get a new customers as it does to keep your existing customers.

If we keep our customers happy we avoid the “Rule of 33“, meaning one unhappy client talk to 3 people and these 3 people will talk to other 9 people and so Resulting of losing 33 prospective clients without even trying your service or product.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.


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