With & Without Dreams

When I’m With & Without A Dream

By Sam Ammouri


sam ammouri

Sadly and this is a fact, The person who stops dreaming has stopped living, and the person who has no passion cannot force his dreams to become reality. For fire,  fuel is the most important necessary item for it to burn and without that fuel, the fire will die out no doubt.dreams1

And naturally The more the fuel the more the intensity of the fire. The same applies to our vehicles. No fuel, no movement,  No movement, no progress. The ones without dreams are the ones who has stopped living and are moving in circle of stagnation.


We’ve been given the gift of thought, of analysis, of objectivity, of dreams. Our thoughts are the roots of action, but also of our dreams. We can analyze situations, mentally view the pros and cons, we can evaluate a hypothesis or an idea.

And yes,  we can also translate into reality an idea that has been thought out even partially. We have also been given the ability to dream, to visualize and to create a mental reality of what we like and love, and we can dream the minutest of the details of what we love. We can add, subtract or multiply items.

And for sure, we can make the dreams more interesting. We have been given the power to fantasies to create in our vast endless mental sphere a beautiful world of what we like and love. The journey into this dream and through this dream is endless and we can keep on prolonging the journey of our limited time.

 There is no accomplishments without dreams, and no results without a move.

Now, please watch this video and see what happens when we have dreams and goals that we honor & respect.

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