With Full Determination- Starting Your Own Online Business Is Not That Hard

With Full Determination- Starting Your Own Online Business Is Not Really That Hard!

As I sat at a Starbucks table to have my routine 9:am cup of coffee the other day A young man by the name Tom in his 20’s approached and asked me if I am the owner of this site Free business and website.com. I told him yes and how did you know that?starbucks1

He said the previous day I handed his friend my business card at Starbucks and he himself like the idea and decided to come to see me in person at Starbucks, I welcomed him, bought his coffee and we sat and the gentleman bombarded me with a zillion question about everything that has to do with an online new business and if it is true you really can make money online because he tried and failed 3 times.  To make the story short I realize from the conversation his failure was due to the following…

1. Just like many others he expected money to start raining in his bank accounts simply because has just opened a website and that’s all it take

2. Did not seem he did even 50% of the 100% he was suppose to do.

3. Expected results too fast even though he has nothing of any value in his deformed website anyway.

4. The website was a freebie and the domain name was not his and he has no full control of his site

5. The website promotes sex toys and with the company only displaying a few of those sex toys because I believe they want him to be heavily invested with them, in a way I believe the whole thing was a scam.

I really felt bad for him. He said he hates his job and this time he really want to make it online.  I promised Tom to make this page special for answers to some of his very important and common questions that anyone who would want to venture online would ask.

Tom questions:

Question-  Is there real opportunities online that makes money?, I failed twice, I believe with nothing anymore

Answer– Yes there is as well as scams,  you can easily fall into scams because they play with your emotional part and make us hear what we all  like to hear… easy money falling off the trees, beware of that.

Tom- Is the promised free websites around actually free? what’s the catch?

Answer-  No! There is no 100% complete free website,  if you don’t pay for hosting or domain these companies will have a total control of your back office most of the times. and sometimes you don’t even have the domain name you want, they’ll assign you one.

Tom-  What about training? I really don’t know much about online and websites and all the bla bla bla.

Answer- That’s why exactly I’m here,  To provide you with the right opportunity that will deliver everythinghelp and training you need to venture and succeed online without any doubt.  Our training will take you from A to Z.  Our training boot camp is tougher than the marine boot camp, we don’t joke here! we take things very seriously, we want you to succeed, period!

Tom- Are you going to tell me this is all for free?  Website? Business? Training? and all the plus… plus…plus?

Answer-  Do you hear of the say one hand washes the other?  We’ll help you get on your feet and once you start to make money and turn into a premium member then we’ll get some of your crums.

Tom- Is there any guarantee for this?

Answer- Absolutely not!  how do you expect someone to guarantee you anything that he is giving it to you for free!  in here we’ll train you very hard and give you all the right tools and massive support to succeed online and its up to you how you’ll drive that vehicle.

But hey Tom, because of your sincerity to succeed I dedicated this page for you and the thousands like you trying to make some honest online living and take the value of their lives into an acceptable level,  I will make sure this site to be the beacon you go on for your online ventures, I will try to uncover every bit of detail who may help you online and work tirelessly to expose any scam and minimize its ugly consequences.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



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