Zeek Rewards! Where Is It? Who’s Next?

Where is Zeeks? And who is next online?

Name of Company: Zeek Rewards.   Now shutdown by SEC!

Website: Disabled.Previously www.zeekrewards.com.

Owner: Paul Burkspaul1– Picture right.

Rank: 0 to 100

What is Zeek Rewards? Lets Do A little Dig.

This thing is a program who allowed clients to earn rewards through different programs including the purchase of some securities and an affiliate program. This site was shut down due to illegal a activities and unethical behavior and other legal matters yet to be addressed.

The sad part here there was hundreds of thousands of people who were heavily  invested and promoting this  illegal endeavor!   The financial and emotional suffering on these members was immeasurable !

Scam artists usually go down hard

By the middle of 2012 this program was one of the most popular in the world! but remember one thing” If your business is built on cheating hard working people the crash is only a matter of time”! and when you go down you go down hard!  harder than 1/2 Million ton Dinosaur rolling down mount Everest! But sadly rolling down also many innocent hard working people who wanted nothing but an honest living.

The Rise and Fall of Zeek Rewards

Finally,  on 8/17/2012 the SEC announced the closure of Zeek Rewards Amid the allegation of running an illegal scam and luring over one million people to their financial glooms. Manny legal matters are still pending. Regulators labeled this scam as the ($600 million dollar Ponzi scam).

MR Burks drew over 10 million dollars from the company during the 2 year golden days. He was ordered to give up all the assets of his Texas based company CLIFTON JOLLEY,  and was fined $4 million by the SEC . This is by far the largest scam ever to rock the internet with over I million people herded into it!

How did he pull this thing?

This program was consisted of two entities. zeekrewards.com who was an affiliate entity and a penny stock auction website  zeekler.com. zeekler.com was nothing but a pyramid scam who is so similar to the good old chain letter we all know in our postal mail it is made of sets of levels that rise you up as you recruit more and more I don’t understand how such massive crowd of I million be fooled into this. Please ask questions before you get into anything of this nature.scam4

Think intellectually not emotionally when taking decisions Scam artists are pioneers when it comes to playing on your emotions . A scam artist can never magnetize someone thinks with his head but can easily magnetize someone who thinks with his emotions.

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